If you’d like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We’d love to hear about your experience!

“I love the staff here. They are accommodating in scheduling (in case of emergencies), and very friendly and gentle. Dr. Gechoff has a conservative approach in most areas — no headgear, as compliance isn’t great, let teeth fall out naturally rather than pulling, and sticking to a treatment plan that isn’t excessively long. I’d highly recommend this place!” — Alison R.

“My daughter has been a patient of Dr. Gechoff for over a year now, during the process of preparation for braces, and the staff there is amazing. The front office staff is always so welcoming, and Dr. Geochoff and the dental techs take their time to explain everything to make my daughter feel comfortable.” — Melissa A.

“Dr. Gechoff and his staff totally deserve 5 stars! It’s our third visit to the office and we never have to wait for my son’s appointment. The staff knows us by names as soon as we arrive. Everything was done quickly and efficiently. They won’t waste our time like many other doctor offices do. Everyone here is so friendly; I just can’t say enough good things about them. I am confident that my son will have great-looking smiles once he completes his treatment.” — Sunny J.

“I recently just started going back to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned and asked my dentist who they refer to for braces. They referred me to Dr. Gechoff’s office. I’ve been needing braces for the longest time and I’m finally getting them on. I came in for my free consultation, and they took X-rays and I sat down with the doctor and he explained everything to me. What I love about this place is not only the staff, but they don’t try to rip you off for your money. They genuinely tell you what they recommend for you so they can help you save money. I’m finally getting my braces put on today and I’m confident that it will go smoothly.” — Mikey M.

“I had two kids go through braces at the same time: my daughter just got hers off, and they look great! I am so happy with the way we have been treated by ever staff member and Dr. Gechoff. I really appreciate the time they spend making each visit pleasant and everything that they do for our community. They set my new benchmark for excellent customer service.” — Marcella L.

“My son owes Tori at Gechoff Orthodontics a Starbucks card and a big hug! She saved him $290 by being able to fix and tweak his retainers, which took a trip through the washer AND dryer! My son just completed treatment with Dr. Gechoff and the experience was absolutely wonderful. My daughter is now going through hers. I got several estimates for my daughter, and although all of the other estimates were less (mostly pretty close cost), I just didn’t get the same service from the others. I drive from Poway to Santee for treatment. I cannot recommend Dr. Gechoff and his staff enough!!!! Anyone in the Santee area give ’em a try (even further because they are worth the drive)!” — Bernie L.

“First and foremost, Dr. Gechoff has THE BEST staff I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and working with. As a business owner, I know what it means to have professionalism and give over-the-top customer service, and this is what you get 100% of the time. Dr. Gechoff has had his hands full with my case and he’s a genius in his field. I have a small child at home, and on occasions, I’ve had to bring her with me to appointments. Anywhere else, it’s slightly nerve-racking but here, they give her an iPad to play with and she causes no problems. I’ve never met a better team. And for once in my life, I don’t hate going to a dentist (or in this case, an orthodontist). I’m excited to see what my smile looks like when my braces come off.” — Sarah H.

“My son was born with a cleft palate; doing orthodontia on a kiddo like that is TOUGH! And Dr. Gechoff and his team are more than up to the challenge — coordinating with my son’s cleft palate team (actually the team is following Dr. Gechoff’s plan right now!), he works so well with everyone. The Gechoff team is professional, detail-oriented, and perfectionistic — exactly what you want in an orthodontist! We like him so much we drive four hours to see him one way!” — Ruth S.